Area of a Cone

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4th Grade


Area, Cone, Geometry

Geometry is a fascinating world but it is even better if you offer your students clear explanations and fun activities! For instance, this free Area of a Cone Worksheet is a perfect tool for elementary school students to understand how to calculate the area of this geometric shape.  

This colorful geometry set of 2 sheets includes a reference sheet, available in color or in black and white. On it, you will find 3 important pieces of information. First, next to an exclamation point, your students can read the definition of the geometric shape with its different characteristics. Then, you can see a drawing below with the elements you have to take into account to calculate the area of the shape. Finally, in a box at the bottom of the page, we give you the formula to calculate the area. For a better understanding, the elements needed appear with the same color in the illustration and in the formula.

The second page is an activity sheet where your primary school students can apply what they learned. Indeed, there are 6 problems with distinct variables for them to practice the calculation of an area. So download this free Area of a Cone Worksheet and teach your students about the wonders of 2D and 3D geometry!

Includes 2 design options (2 pages) for printing: color and black and white (ink-saver alternative with minimum background).

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The ‘Area of a Cone’ worksheet document features:

  • 3 pages – includes an extra page with activities
  • Color and Black & White Layout
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