Colors Of The Rainbow

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How many colors are there in a rainbow? What are their names? In which order do they appear? Teachers can answer all their pupils’ questions with these free Colors of the Rainbow worksheets.

In this set of 3 worksheets, we can see a smiling sun bringing the light necessary to create this natural wonder called rainbow. Below, we find a gray cloud, representing the water necessary to make a rainbow appear. In between, there is a huge rainbow. The first sheet presents both the 7 colors and their names in order, from red to violet. On the second sheet in black and white, pupils have to color the circular arc with the correct color. On the third sheet, they need to both name the colors and color each section correctly.

These free Colors of the Rainbow worksheets are ideal for kindergarten pupils, first and second graders to discover and learn the 7 colors of the rainbow. Thanks to the 2 activity sheets, they can also practice their coloring and writing skills.

Includes 2 design options (2 pages) for printing: color and black and white (ink-saver alternative with minimum background).

Worksheet preview:

The ‘Colors Of The Rainbow’ worksheet document features:

  • 3 pages – includes an extra page with activities
  • Color and Black & White layout
  • Exclusive design
  • Orientation: Portrait
  • Paper size: Letter
  • PDF file

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