Human Evolution

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4th Grade

Where do we come from? Children often ask parents and teachers and we simply answer that humans evolved from apes. But how did this process happen over the course of (pre)history? The picture on this free Human Evolution Worksheet will bring a clear visual answer to your pupils.

This science reference sheet shows 6 stages in the evolution that led us to the modern man, Homo Sapiens. The 6 drawings actually represent a timeline that can be followed easily, as the female character has the same facial traits. We start 14 million years ago with the Dryopithecus, then the Ramapithecus and the Australopithecus. We follow the evolution with the Homo Habilis with their tools and the Homo Erectus with their torches and finally us, the Homo Sapiens.

The worksheet of this set reproduces the same stages but this time the names of our ancestors are left blank for children to write the names. Therefore, they can practice memorization, spelling and writing. This free Human Evolution Worksheet will definitely make your students’ knowledge evolve!

Includes 2 design options (2 pages) for printing: color and black and white (ink-saver alternative with minimum background).

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