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3rd Grade, 4th Grade


Identifying, Writing


Anatomy, Body, Organs

Stop beating your brains out to find a great worksheet to teach body organs to your pupils! These free My Body Organs worksheets will get you to the heart of the matter!

When it comes to anatomy, it is as important to know our external body parts as our internal organs. Our reference sheet, printable in color or black and white, shows the illustration of a child in the center of the page. Round him, we see fun and original drawings of 8 of the most important body organs. They include organs from the digestive system (liver, stomach, small and large intestine), the urinary system (kidneys), the respiratory system (lungs), the circulatory system (heart), and the nervous system (brain). Each drawing is connected with a line to the position it has inside the body. On the activity sheet, students have to write the name of the organ in a bow and link it to the correct position inside the body.

The Science program of grades 4 and 5 includes the study of body organs. That is why primary school teachers and also homeschooling parents and ESL/EFL teachers will find these free My Body Organs worksheets quite handy!

Includes 2 design options (2 pages) for printing: color and black and white (ink-saver alternative with minimum background).

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